Premium Ice Wine


Category :

White wine

Grape vanities :


Alc. / Vol. :

10 %

Robe :

Scintillating old gold

Nose :

With refined exotism, this ice wine has engaging and refreshing spice aromas that will charm you while inviting to the orient.

Taste :

Both suave and rigorous because of its acitity-sweetness balance, it offers connaisseurs the possibility to let themselves be transported by its inspired complexity of fruits perfumes such as mango, litchi, peach and apricot.

Accompaniment :

Foie gras, pears, gorgonzola.

Comments :

Our ice wine is produced from a rare noble terroir of Quebec due to the fertile limon left by the ancient sea of Champlain, millions of years ago. The expression of our land, situated in the heart of the St-Lawrence River Valley, make it particularly suited for vinefera vine growing.

Service temperature :

10 oC

Aging :

10 years

Size :

200 ml

Price (retail) :

30 $ (Taxes included)