In the most unique and traditional methods of producing great wine.

Château Taillefer Lafon is the first vineyard in Quebec authorized to use the appellation "Château", traditionally reserved for distinctive european vineyards, as Château Taillefer Lafon has just proudly completed the construction of a sumptuous estate of equivalent stature to its name.

The ancestors of Taillefer Family have been farming in the city of Laval since the early nineteenth century.

In 1976, Jean-François Taillefer, notary, wishing to return to his roots, acquired, with his family, a farm, part of their ancestral lands. This exceptional property with fertile limon left by the ancient Champlain Sea, millions of years ago, is located on Montée Champagne. What a predestined name!

Being, to this day, the most important producers of grapes from noble vines (vitis vinifera) in the Province of Quebec, Château Taillefer Lafon offers a vast array of international caliber and exceptional quality products.

A most noble beginning…

In its first year of existence, Château Taillefer Lafon participated in the prestigious Montreal international wine contest "Les Sélections Mondiales des Vins, 2004". The two products presented, the Ice Wine and the Ice Cider were given a gold medal and a silver medal respectively. Furthermore, the Château received, for its Ice Wine, the prestigious international "Vinofed" trophee rewarding the best of the 2,300 products representing 30 countries at the contest.